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Maths Curriculum

Mathematics lessons are a core aspect of the curriculum, and is a very enjoyable and often hands on subject.

These are the strands covered when we teach Mathematics. These are:

  • counting
  • place value
  • number facts and relationships
  • calculations
  • Fractions
  • Time
  • Geometry
  • Measures
  • Data


In the early years, children are taught number through play and by using Numicon. Numicon is a very visual way of understanding how numbers work and the children can see how big numbers are.

Key stage 1 children also use Numicon as early maths experiences and move on to doing simple addition and subtraction sums using bead strings and number lines.

Key stage 2 children use empty number lines and move to using formal written methods for all calculations.


Mental Maths

Throughout the school, children take part in 'Minute Maths' each morning. The children are timed for one minute and achieve a score according to the number of questions that they get correct. Specific skills such as addition, subtraction, doubling, halving, multiplying and dividing are addressed repeatedly, but each time at a higher level of understanding and children are encouraged to improve upon their own scores. The ability to calculate in their heads quickly and know the times table up to x10 is a vital part of Numeracy and gives the children a good base to extend their learning even further.


Special Events

As you know, maths teaching has changed greatly since we were at school. To enable parents to feel confident in new methods and approaches, we have held workshops where parents have been able to come in and see how strategies develop through the school when working with each operation. We also have a calculation policy which you can find here.