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The Governing Body

Mrs G Kendrick

Chair of Governors


Category: Foundation

Appointed by: Diocese

Term of Office Ends: 31/08/2020

Committees: Curriculum Working Party, Admissions, Strategic Group, Contextual Group

Designated Governor: SEN and RE.


All Foundation Governors are appointed by the Bishop and Trustees of the Diocese to uphold the Catholic Ethos of the school. This is paramount as my work of a Governor at St Patrick's School. 


I am Chair of the Governing  Body and have been a Governor for many years. 

I serve on the following committees, a member of the Admissions and Curriculum Working Party. Member of the interviewing panel to appoint new members of staff. 


I am link Governor to RE and work closely with the RE co-ordinator attending Assemblies, School Masses, helping to run the Mini Vinnie.


Each Term I attend the Head and Chairs briefing led by Telford and Wrekin informing us of what has and what is going to take place in the Education system for that current term 


I have attended a days course on ‘Prevent Training’ & 'Child Protection'. I have attended the diocesan training for new governors.


I meet with the school Improvement Officer each Autumn for the Headteacher’s Performance Management Review. 




Fr A Greenwood

Chair of Admissions Committee


Category: Foundation

Appointed by: Diocese

Term of Office Ends: 31/08/2021

Committees: Curiculum Working Party, Admissions



In 1979 I was ordained a priest to serve in the parishes of the Diocese of Shrewsbury.  I have been involved in parish life for almost forty years, most recently here in St Patrick’s Parish and as the Dean of East Shropshire.  I have also served in various diocesan roles – Assistant Financial Secretary, the Bishop’s Secretary, and the Chancellor of the Diocese (I was almost like Pooh-Bah in The Mikado!).


In many of the parishes where I have worked I have been a school governor.  This has given me a real passion for the partnership between home, school and parish.  I can see what a difference we can make if all three are working together.




Mrs P Armstrong

Category: Foundation

Appointed by: Diocese

Term of Office Ends: 31/08/2020

Committees: Curiculum Working Party, Standards Working Party.

Designated Governor: Children in Care.


The areas I will be focussing on will be the standards of teaching, learning and assessment.  In particular I will be looking at attainment and progress across the school, how lessons are monitored, pupils perceptions and other relevant areas.

I am also the designated Governor for children in care.



Mrs P Hull

Category: Parent Governor

Appointed by: LA

Term of Office Ends: 16/10/2019

Committees: Finance and Personnel, Health and Safety


In September I was elected Vice Chair of the Governing Body.


As a recently elected Parent Governor I intend to learn the role as a school governor and have already agreed to attend and carry out the required training.

I intend to meet with the Head Teacher on a regular basis not only to learn more about the school and my role, but also to assist the head and review the educational performance of the school. Assisting the head in following up action plans and ensuring the school achieves standards set by OFSTED I am keen and hope to be an active and productive parent governor.

I have agreed to be part of the F&P sub group which ensures financial resources are well spent with my first meeting being early 2016.


Mrs G Lander


Category:  Staff Governor

Elected by: Staff

Term of Office Ends: 2018

Committees: Strategic Group, Admissions



I am an elected staff governor. I have worked with the school as the School Business Manager since 2009. I was appointed as a governor in 2014 and have since been building up my experience as a governor. My main areas have included finance, personnel, school admissions and health & safety. I am currently assigned to strategy and school admissions. I take an active role in governing body meetings to assist in setting school objectives, holding the head teacher to account and ensuring financial resources are well spent.



Mrs Sarah Oakes


Category: Foundation
Appointed by: Diocese
Term of Office Ends: 01/01/2021
Committees: Finance and Personnel
Designated Governor for Safeguarding


I have been appointed as a foundation governor by the diocese in January 2017. This is a new role for me and I am committed to ensuring I will fulfil this role to the best of my ability. I will take an active part in monitoring and reviewing the educational performance of the school through visits, speaking with staff and pupils alike.

An essential part of being a governor is upholding the catholic ethos of the school. I attend mass regularly and am passionate about this. I am part of the Finance and Personnel working party ensuring financial resources are appropriately allocated and personnel matters are monitored efficiently.


I will also be the designated governor for safe guarding children.


Mr R Zaczynski

Category: Foundation

Appointed by: Diocese

Term of Office Ends: 31/08/2018

Committees: Health and Safety, Teaching and Learning.


My primary focus as a governor at St Patrick’s School for many years was curriculum before taking on Health and Safety as well as Teaching, Learning and Assessment roles of the Governing Body working groups. I have been working with the Head Teacher and other Governors to ensure the school’s settings are safe for everybody. I have attended a Health & Safety governors training course as part of my role.


I have also been involved in monitoring standards of teaching, learning and assessment through lesson observation, learning walk and books scrutiny.


I regularly attend the Governing Body meetings and actively participate in discussions.



Mrs S Coggins





Category: Ex-Officio

Headteacher Governor


Term of Office Ends: N/A

Committees: All



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